Instructions Instructions


Instructions on using the Information Techology Services Request Form:

  • YOU MUST BE sign into the portal to be able to use the ITS Work Request Form
  • All the fields are required. The form will not go through if you are missing information.
  • Name and Email Address are automatically added when you are log in to myRCC. 
  • Department - Please choose the right Department that you are under. 
  • Task Title - please make it short and straight to the point. 
  • Description - this is where you can describe the task in detail. The more details, the better we can figure out what exactly are you looking for. 
  • Location - if the request is a Desktop Issue, please provide the location of the computer. If its a Systems issue, please provide your office location.
  • Authorized by - this will be your supervisor. 

If you have any WEBSITE issues - STOP! This is not the right form! You will need to contact Campus Communications at 845-574-4447.

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