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The Portal

Q: What is a portal?

A portal is a technology framework that provides a single point of access to a variety of information and tools. In the case of myRCC, it is your gateway to College-related news and and announcements as well as access to your mail, grades and schedule.

Q: Why a portal?

myRCC was created to address the need of having an easier way to access various College systems as well as a tool of sharing and communicating within each department, club or groups. myRCC has a Single Sign-On feature that lets you access RCC Google Mail and WebAdvisor without the need of retyping your username and password after you are login to the portal.

Q: What Browers are supported by the portal?

myRCC should work with the the following browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6,7, & 8
  • Firefox 3.x for Windows & Mac
  • Safari 4 for Windows & Mac

Accessing myRCC

Q: What is my username and password?

Username = RCC email address without the ""

Password = Your RCC email password

I forgot my username, what can I do?

Your username is usually the first character of your first name followed by the first 7 characters of your last name. There are instances that your username has a number truncated at the end to distinguish you from another student, faculty and staff. For example, John Wellington would have a username of jwelling. If there is a Jay Wellington, his username will be jwellin2.  If you need help finding your username, contact Information Technology Services Help Desk: 845-574-4ITS (4487) or through our online chat 

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Please click on Forget Password on the Sign In Page and follow the instructions.

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