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Office of Public Safety

Preserving the safety and well being of all students, faculty and staff and visitors SUNY Rockland Community College is the professional responsibility of the Office of Public Safety and other administrative departments. It is also a matter of mutual support, caring and caution by all members of the campus community. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can do much to aid the work of the Public Safety office and to protect themselves and their property. We are fortunate at SUNY Rockland that we have experienced very little crime, and we all share in the responsibility of making the learning and working environment safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The Office of Public Safety includes a Director of Public Safety, 11 full time Public Safety Officers and approximately 21 Student Public Safety Assistants. Campus Public Safety provides continuous patrols of the campus by uniform Public Safety Officers, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Campus Public Safety Officers are certified and or qualified in specific areas that concern the college environment. First Aid, CPR, Emergency Oxygen, Automated External Defibrillation, Emergency Response Procedures, 3-day Undoing Racism Workshop, Conflict Management and Crisis Intervention are only some of the skills in which Officers are trained. The Office of Public Safety is also in compliance with the licensing registration and training requirements of the New York State guard Act and all federal reporting requirements.

Annual Public Safety Report

2018 Annual
Security Report

Active Shooter

Active Shooter
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Public Safety Public Safety

Public Safety Department of Rockland Community College
Public Safety Department of Rockland Community College

Contact Information Contact Information


Location: Eugene Levy Fieldhouse, Second Floor

Phone: 845-574-4238 / 845-574-4217


For Emergencies: 845-574-4911

For R.A.D.: or 845-574-4217

Emergency Phone Locations Emergency Phone Locations


For your safety and use, 40 Emergency Telephones are located throughout the campus. Emergency telephones are located across campus to enable you easy access call for help when you need it.

  • Academic I: First - Third Floor Hallways, Outside the building
  • Academic II: First - Third Floor Hallways, Outside the building
  • Cultural Arts Center: Art Department Offices, Campus Cafe, Second Floor Lobby, Outside the building
  • Fieldhouse: PE Department Offices, First Floor Hallway, Men's & Women's Locker Room, Pool, Second Floor Lobby, Outside the building (Second Floor)
  • Library: Basement, Main Desk, Second and Third Floor, 
  • Student Union: First & Second Floor Hallways & Entrances, Game Room, Vending Machines, 
  • Technology Center: West Entrance, East & West Main Entrances, First - Third Floor Hallways
  • Parking Lot: A, H and North Parking (in front of Academic I)

In addition, all Elevators on campus are equipped with Emergency Phone. 

Please take the time to locate these telephones as you become familiar with the College campus.

ID Cards ID Cards


All students and employees are required to carry a SUNY Rockland Community College Photo ID card. All ID cards are issued from the Office of Public Safety.

New students should have their photo ID's taken during registration. Returning students must have their ID cards validated for the current semester. All students must submit proof of registration to obtain a new card or validate an existing card.

ID cards are available at the Public Safety ID booth at the following times:

Monday-Thursday 8:30am-2:30pm and 3:30pm-7pm in the Office of Public Safety located on the Technology Center.

Please remember that ID cards MUST BE PRESENTED to any college representative, acting in the performance of their duties.

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