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Please call 574-4458 for further information about the Personal Safety Committee or to bring issues to its attention.

History and Purpose

In April 1984, SUNY, responding to expressed concerns about personal safety on its campuses, called for each campus in the SUNY system to form a broad-based and continuing advisory group to review issues of personal safety. In June of 1984, the SUNY Board of Trustees adopted a resolution supporting the formation of the Personal Safety Committee on each campus. 
In 1990, the requirements for the composition of the Committee were formalized with regard to the number of representatives (at least 8), their gender (evenly divided between men and women), and their college affiliation (equal numbers of faculty, students, and staff).
The purpose of the Personal Safety Committee is, to advise the Executive Vice President on issues related to the personal safety and security of all members of the College community and visitors to our campus. As well as provide suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of personal security conditions in all general areas of the campus’s response protocols.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Recommend further actions and programs that will raise the level of safety awareness among all members of the College community.
  • Identify ways to utilize academic programs for the enhancement of personal safety.
  • Review existing programs and suggest improvements in safety education..
  • Review and identify potential sources of funding for future and current programs related to personal safety on campus.
  • Review and suggest improvements to campus preventative and judicial policies on sexual assault.
  • Conduct regular lighting tours of all campuses to maintain a safe environment for those on campus during evening hours.
  • Monitor the status of blue light phones on campus.
  • Monitor availability of counseling services for victims.
  • Continue on-going assessment of the quality of personal safety policies, practices, procedures, and programs by reviewing critical incidents.
  • Periodically conduct formal and informal survey of student and staff opinion.
  • Analyze crime statistics reported by Department of Public Safety as well as other RCC Departments and jurisdictional Police Departments.
Members: The committee is composed of at least core 8 members, their gender (evenly divided between men and women), and their college affiliation (equal numbers of faculty, students, and staff), 2 members Administration, 2 members Faculty, 2 members CSEA, 2 Student representatives. There are additional members of the college community as well. All committee members are approved by the College President.


Contact Information Contact Information


Contact Information

Public Safety

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William Murphy
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